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The Goddess Ignited Retreat

November 12-14

A 3-day retreat to connect to your Self, heal your past wounds, indulge in your divinity, and awaken to your unmistakable truth.



Take a break from the world, freeing yourself from the judgment of self and other women while igniting the Goddess within.


Uncover and release the grip of the world's conditioning that tells us how a “woman” should behave, act, think and talk--conditioning that distorts our dreams, visions, and futures.


Discover how words, thoughts and actions impact the way you care for your body's health and mental well-being.


Reclaim the power and magic of being a woman and redefine yourself as the queen you are.

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What is your unique gift to the world?



Leave the retreat having discovered your Feminine IQ. These 4 Ignited Queen Qualities that are unique to you. These qualities, when available to be given, are the pillars of the throne you rest on. They are special to you. No one else will have the same combination of qualities.


Once you've discovered those unique qualities, you'll have the opportunity to drop into your heart and into your body to write your Declaration of who you are as a Woman, a Goddess, a Queen in the world. This is yours forever. You will leave the retreat taking this new Declaration of Self into your life and into the world.


Remember When...

We gathered together?

For so many, it has been so long since we have shaken hands, hugged friends, and kissed our loved ones. Women, naturally, are connectors. We crave community and being with eachother.

We went to workshops?

Transformation is powerful. And when in a room, even with strangers, listening, watching, and witnessing deep personal breakthroughs take transformation to a soul level.

We connected deeply to our souls?

Isolation was a theme for longer than a year. We have been disconnected from others. This isolation creates a disconnection with ourselves. We have been out of our natural state for so long.


We're ready to be together again...

Women value connection, and our being together is critical and necessary.

We do our best work when we are in groups and connected to each other (there are literal statistics around this).

In this sacred space, we expand. We hold one another, lift each other up and massive growth and softening takes place.


Are you ready to let go of...

Comparison & Judgement of Yourself & Other Women

Are you exhausted by media telling you what is and isn't beautiful? Do you feel trapped in a society that is constantly judging and comparing, almost forcing you to do the same?

Past Wounds Around Body Image

Are you ready to let go of beating yourself up for not being "perfect," or for things you've said and done to your body in the past? Are you ready to fall in love with your body exactly the way she is?

Depriving Yourself of Your Desires

Do you struggle in asking for what you want? Like asking for money or giving your partner direction in bed?  Is your inner voice begging to be heard?

Uncertainty in Who You Are

Are your beliefs about yourself limiting you to what's possible in your own life? Do you have a deep knowing that there's "something more" but just don't quite know how to get there?


What Women are Saying



“I have this newfound grace with myself and love for my body, even if she isn't what I think she should look like right now.”


“It was like I found some of the missing puzzle pieces. I really got how much I deprive myself and that I can have a miracle life!”



“I discovered how I've suppressed my desires, how I'm worth more than I ask for, how my body wants to move, and how to create a new relationship with money.”


“My biggest takeaway was being open and receptive to the Universe, embracing my confidence and belief in myself.”

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“I connected with my Inner Queen. Fell in love with myself, my body, and with all the women!”


“I put myself as a priority, looked inside and make some discoveries and adjustments. I discovered that I have the power to shapely own life, and Ignited Programs gave me access to tools, support, and help finding my truth.”


A Sneak Peek of The Weekend




  • Arrive in at our Private AirBnb.  Settle into the space, lounge pool-side, help yourself to snacks provided, and connect with the other women in the retreat with you.

  • Opening Ceremony will begin at 1pm where we will set a sacred container for the weekend.

  • Learn about why Ignited Programs exists and our intention for the weekend.

  • Create your Why. Why are you here? Why now? What do you have at stake?

  • Optional: Attend the HEAL International banquet in Phoenix. Get an up front look at this amazing non-profit and the impact they make in the world.



  • Discover the trap of "The Ideal Woman"

  • Realize the impact of living in a world built by Men

  • Find Balance between The Ignited Feminine & Masculine and The Burned Feminine & Masculine

  • Return to peace & acceptance with your body

  • Cut the cords of the past

  • Hear the things you say to yourself about yourself and begin to create a new relationship to YOU

Friends at the Beach
Woman with Head Scarf



  • Learn what it takes to live in alignment with your feminine energy

  • Discover your unique Queen Qualities

  • Declare your new relationship with yourself as a Goddess!

  • Integrate these teachings and lessons with your life and learn how to make it last


And much more!

We'll have catered meals provided, powerful guest teachers (seriously though, don't we have the BEST guest teachers!?!?!), fabulous sleeping arrangements, somatic work, meditation, movement and much much more as we continue to create the experience!


Payment Options

For Unleash Your Queen Ladies


Pay a $350 deposit. 
The balance of $1500 is due by 10/15.


Pay in Full


Meet Leah & Abbie

Founders & Teachers of Ignited Programs

With a fierce commitment to guide & serve the women of our world, Abbie & Leah have come together to fulfill a mission: To awaken women to the Divinity of who they are and live their lives in Liberation & Truth.

Combined, they have over 25 years of experience and have been trained by some of the top leaders in the industry of personal growth & development including Landmark, Desire on Fire, S-Factor, Amanda Young, The Soulful Hustler, WorldWorks, and PAX Programs with Alison Armstrong.

Through their customized programs, weekend retreats, and free monthly events, Abbie & Leah’s teaching style is unique in that they walk through the fire side-by-side with them women they serve.  As forever students, these women lead from a place of expansion, growth and moving through the journey together in sisterhood.

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