Discover the divinity inside you. Live your life in liberation & truth. 


Welcome to a Community of Women Who...

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Are Radically Responsible for Ourselves and Our Lives

Move from a space of victim-mentality and discover what it means to be 100% responsible for everything in your life - from a place of power rather than fault & blame.

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Recognize the Polarity Between The Masculine & Feminine

Learn the in’s and out’s of masculine & feminine qualities, when we utilize each, and how to turn up the volume on your inner feminine receiving mode.

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Release Shame & Tune Into Desire to Produce Results

Where does guilt, shame and obligation get in the way of you having what you really want? The feminine approach to producing results lies in your truth and desire.

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Back the Pursuits of Women & Create Lifelong Bonds

For centuries, women have gathered in circle to be held, heard, and seen. In a safe container of like-minded women, it’s no surprise to find lifelong sisters and friends.

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Create Lives That We Don’t Have to Escape From

What if everyday you lived from nourishment and self-care? What if you didn’t have to “make time” to take care of yourself, but it was just a part of your daily practice?

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Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Connect to the Divinity in all things - from every person in your world, to every grain of sand on the beach. Discover that you are an eternal being connected to all that is.


The Goddess Ignited Retreat

A 3-day retreat to connect to your Self, heal your past wounds, indulge in your divinity and awaken to your unmistakable truth

In the 1890’s, Charles Dana Gibson created a caricature of the ideal woman who became known as the “Gibson girl.” She was tall and slender with thick hair, a small waist, big hips, and a full bosom. She was white and wealthy. She emasculated men and had them at her beck and call. We have spent decades upon decades trying to reach this unattainable version of womanhood. Gibson Goddess has redefined this archetype, revealing that you, the ‘Everyday Woman’ are the Goddess of today.